My husband was just working when he was tragically crushed between his van and the fender of the truck being driven by a drunk driver. The drunk driver never even stopped. He left my husband for dead in the street while he drove home. The drunk driver is currently in jail for 4.5 – 10 years but will be free to live his life however he chooses once released , while my kids and I will continue to have a lifetime sentence of struggling with how to do life without their dad. All the wonderful milestones in our families lives that we were looking forward to have been taken away by one poor decision — to drive drunk. So many lives have been forever impacted by this irreversible decision to drink and drive — but no ones lives have been impacted more than our family. We are just crushed by the tragic loss of my kids and Dad and my husband. If you think you might be having a few drinks, make a plan ahead of time to use Uber or Lyft to get you safely home and give yourself peace of mind that one thing you will not need to be concerned about is killing someone because you chose to drink and drive. It’s as simple as pressing an app on your cell phone. I wish it was just that simple to press an app on my cell phone to bring my husband back.
— Denise Glover