My mother and I were at a red light…. I was taking her home from babysitting. This happened 12/31/1988. The light turned green so I started to go and all of a sudden we were hit. We didn’t actually know what happened…… The one thing stuck in my mind after all these years is my mother telling me “I’m not going to make it”! I was so scared …. my mom hit the windshield on impact they said she wasn’t going to make it through the weekend! My mom made it through but she lost her leg ……She was in a coma for 2 months!. When she started coming out of the coma I could tell she would never be the same again because the kid who hit us chose to drink and drive.My mom had many complications she fell and broke her stump. She tried to walk again but just couldn’t do it! My mother lived the last 10 yrs of her life in agony! The driver who hit us never served more than one day for ruining my moms life and my dads! He took care of my mom with the help of my two sisters and I. Please think before you pick up that drink! Thank you! You will be saving a life!
— Rebecca Carnes