I’m so sorry this happened to you and my daughter Kayla there is obviously something very special between you two because of what happened I pray for peace for your family I am so sorry with what happened I pray for justice for you both this is something that will always connect you with Kayla Shoemaker I hope your family can find peace through all of this. From what I’ve learned you are an amazing person a wonderful son, brother and any other family members bet you have I really just want to say I’m so sorry this has happened and the connection between you and Kayla will always be I pray everyday and I think about you and I think about Kayla everyday your memory will always be alive you have so many family and friends that love you and this has been a huge impact for both of our families all of your friends and families I just pray for peace for everybody rest in peace sweetheart and believe me I know and we all know everybody was doing the right thing you and Kayla did the right thing by pushing the button and crossing the crosswalk when you were told to. You guys did nothing wrong. I don’t know why I don’t know if I’ll ever know why there’s obviously something special in you and Kayla that God needed you guys more. Honestly I have to say I love you I hope you understand why, rest in peace Michael Sobin you will always be loved and never forgotten love always Heather Kayla’s mom
— Heather Shoemaker