My son was killed by a drunk driver Oct 20 2018 in Hattiesburg MS while walking home to his house he was 3 blocks away to make it home but he never made due to a drunk driver that struck my son and then another car came and ran over him and left the scene but the first driver was drunk and only got dwi and released on bail for 1200.00 hundred dollars how can they only give him dwi only? He should of got vechiclar manslaughter or even jail time my son did not deserve to die for this man to drink and drive I wish I can get justice for my son but I never got no we’re for someone to help me on this painful heartache that happen to my family i miss you so much son I can’t understand how you gone for me I know one day justice we be done for you and you were my only son that I had and that Stevie brown took you away from me until we meet again my sweet boy ….mommy loves you so much
— Tammy Ruiz