As a single mom, I have been advocating for my daughter Olivia, now 7 years old, in Maricopa County Family Court. My family case FC2017-050317 has been so diverted and making excuses for her biological father who is an alcoholic, consumes substances. I cannot tell you how frustrating and how discouraging it’s been. Regardless to the recommendation by a custody evaluator and psychologist for my ex husband to follow court recommendations for relapse of alcohol and attend Alcohol Recovery Solutions in Phoenix, AZ the bullet continues to be dodged. I have a court documents that my ex admits to drinking and to substance even 7 years after he divorced us but is still consuming alcohol. The icing on the cake is that my ex remarried and his wife who is a physician assistant who was found by the AZ Medical Board prescribing medication to family members, including my ex, without the consent of a doctor TO . How convenient for my ex-husband to be a substance abuser and an alcoholic to have a wife who has been prescribing him medication and NOTHING HERE IN ARIZONA IS DONE. I found all this information online and on insurance coverage explanation of benefits that listed my ex-husband new wife prescribing him medication as the RX medication provider. How can this be possible and be allowed as he hold a CDL license and drives for FedEx Freight, 53 foot truck. Just because as a truck driver he gets randomly tested by his urine it doesn’t assure anybody whether he is dodging the system with a history of his wife prescribing him RX without the consent of a doctor. In the middle of this is my little girl who has to go to her father’s vehicle when she visits him during his parenting time. The Family Court Justice system here in Arizona is very poorly educated to protect our children AHEAD OF ANY POSSIBLE ACCIDENTS, DEATHS ETC. when the evidence is in front of the Court’s eye but nobody is paying attention until it’s too late and we lose another child due to ignorance and preventative measures.
— Deborah Giannecchini