In Spring of 2013, my father was killed in Delano, California; .4 miles north of the Tulare/Kern County line. He was a passenger in a vehicle hit head-on at 70 mph by a wrong-way drunk driver. The drunk driver was an unlicensed criminal illegal alien who had previously been deported. His case ended up in the office of the Tulare County District Attorney and what has transpired from there has been no less than a nightmare. The illegal who killed my father is listed with ICE as “voluntarily deported” in 2013. He was arrested and released before even being charged with my father’s death. It has been confirmed that this man was still living and working in that area of California in 2015 and 2016. It is my belief that he never deported at all and has been given “Sanctuary.”

I am a paralegal by profession and have done all of my own research, contacting my father’s DA continually. Nothing has been done and no follow up has been made. This is an issue. Since my father’s death, I’ve learned there are thousands of stories like mine not only in California, but across the country. Until Cities, Counties and States start cooperating with Federal Immigration officials regarding criminal illegals, I have no doubts there will be thousands more victims of criminal illegals. I have lost 7 innocent friends and family members to drunk drivers. It’s time to act.

My father was a veteran. He came from a military family and had two military sons who lived their lives defending this country. He loved his family and friends and always had something to give, although he had very little.

Please join in the fight against Sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, drunk driving and please vote for justice system reform.

This could happen to any of us.

— Colleen Morrison