My father was an alcohol who was finally defeated by his alcoholic demons in March of 2012. Years before this he was badly injured in a crash where he was drinking along with the young man who hit us and died of his injuries. I do feel as if the injuries sustained from this 1988 crash caused a downward spiral in his life. In the end, I can look back at the sad ‘snowball effect’ that this crash caused to his life, the life of the young man killed along with his entire family, my life, my brother’s life, and the life of my father’s girlfriend who was in the passenger seat. Every time a drink/impaired driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they do not know how many lives their bad decision could ruin. I would like to thank M.A.D.D KY’s victim advocate, Rosalind Donald, for helping me heal through my volunteer speeches to the local news, churches, universities, and D.U.I victim impact panels. I know that my father would be proud of the choices that I have made to turn his tragedy into a wake up call to others who could be struggling with the same demons that he battled for so many years. He was an amazing father and nothing can take that away from his legacy left on this Earth. I will continue to raise my voice and tell his story so that one day there will hopefully be 0 drunk/impaired driving victims! Thank you to M.A.D.D Nations and Rosalind Donald aka ‘Roxanne’ of M.A.D.D KY for all that you do for victims.
— Danielle Bramlage