My son Zachary was killed by a drunk driver twenty years ago this December 30.
My mother Beverly was killed by a drunk driver ten years ago this December 29.
AS of this Christmas 2018, i’t s been 20 and 10 years without these bright smiles and loving presence. Our family continues to grieve daily. The wound heals over, but the heavy scar remains firmly etched in our hearts. Both of these deaths were preventable. Both drunk drivers could have chosen to stay off the road, but neither did. The disease of alcoholism had them both firmly in it’s grasp, and neither one could do anything but obey their master, alcohol. Please consider your holiday gift to support treatment for alcoholism. So many lives are lost to this disease every day. Together, we can provide help to them, which will spare more of us from having to “light a candle” for our loved ones.
— Linda Davis