My sons were awesome young men of 18 & 19. They were very kind, smart, & willing to help friends, family, & strangers. Loosing a child is the worst pain I have ever felt I thought, but loosing 2 is more then anyone could possible bear. I cannot explain how it feels to have your heart ripped out, & a part of you is taken away with no warning. They say time heals the pain, but that is not true. I still cry all the time, and some people can be very cruel on what they say. There is no pain worst then loosing a child or a loved one to a drunk driver. This all could be prevented if drunk drivers thought about the impact and their decisions, but I think they just don’t care. I feel they should never be able to drive again. The person that killed my 19 year old son got a 12 step program for AA, and never got charges against him because this was his first time that we know of. He showed no remorse & did not help my son at all. He had a alcohol level of over double the limited amount & was on drugs also while on his phone & speeding. He walked away with a cut on his face which he complained about. Where is the justice for killing an innocent young man who had his whole life ahead of him. My sons are missed every day and not a day goes by that they are thought of & loved. Thank you for listening and my heart goes out to all the families who are in the same situations, and who have also survived. Mom, Dad, Adam, Cam, Zig, Family, & Friends
— Catherine Mohamed