My Name Is…My Survival Story

23 years ago my husband and I were hit by a repeat offender drunk driver 3x over the legal limit. They both walked away but I wasn’t so lucky. My neck and clavicle broken, spinal cord compressed and head cut open I wasnt able to breathe, causing my heart to stop 3 times. Multiple chest tubes, blood transfusions and a ventilator kept me alive. I was finally strong enough to be released to start rehabilitation after 104 days in intensive care. Total 8 months to get back home to start my new normal life as a quadriplegic. Now I take meds to four times a day and have to deal with infections and pressure sores. The drunk has been dead several years now. Doesn’t matter though. He was sentenced to 3-5 years but I got life in a wheelchair.

— Stephanie Vargo