I was in a head on collision in 2013 the man who hit me was drunk and high it was his 4th DWI he took so much from me I had almost had every bone in my body broken to this day I still have problems walking I hv had several surgeries I cant work anymore my hands are all messed up I was diagnosed with Lupus it has attacked my hands Back in Jan I fell and fractured my left femur I had to give my dog to a shelter because I cant take care of him any more I had him since he was 5 months old I’m still so angry with him I live by myself and it’s so hard I got a cat she is my companion cat it helps a little but I’m still so lonely Esp now people say I’m a great example but I dont feel like that at all I hv depression and have flash attacks sometimes If you read this please dont feel sorry for me I wish I could help someone God bless you all I do know God has a purpose for me that’s why I he wakes me up every day
— Sheri Stark