In Honor of…Nelson and Randy Riley

4/21/19 Easter Sunday is the day my family and I’s life changed forever. This month marks 3 years since the accident and it still doesn’t feel REAL. A woman unknowingly but intentionally decided to play God and took my brother Nelson Riley (Age 22) and father Randy Riley (Age 49) away from us when she got in her car impaired and ran through a red light. We are still dealing with so many emotions from brokenness, anger, grief, sadness and the biggest unanswered question of WHY and it hurts like hell to know we’ll never get that answer. So here we are pushing through and taking everyday one day at a time as best we can. Are we still hurting YES, do we still cry YES, but although we still hurt and cry, we use those tears that fall to represent joy instead of sadness because to know they made it to a place where we are still hoping we get to, THAT is something truly worth praising. So from that day forward I honored to keep them alive by sharing their story, their photos, their names in hopes that this prevents another person or family from feeling our pain.

— Jasmine Woods