In Honor of…Nicholas Cahill

My son Nicholas and 3 of his friends all in their early 20s barely starting their adult lives when they were needlessly killed by a drunk/drugged driver. These were young men just starting out in life and they were all taken by the careless act of one man who decided to drive drunk/drugged/angry after a fight with his girlfriend. He hit them head on as if he was aiming for them. He even jumped a divider. He was only sentenced to 6yrs for causing all 4 deaths after the DA agreed to a plea bargain. He will still be young enough to start a family when he is released. Our sons were never given that opportunity. California’s DWI/DUI laws are some of the worst in the Country. We cherish and mourn these boys every single day. It never gets any easier. ♥️🙏🏻

— Linda Cahill