In Honor of…Prescilla Sanchez

My story: I moved to college station May 2020, 2weeks before the tragedy we never thought would happen . I had spent 2 wonderful weeks with my daughters including Mother’s Day. We had dinner at my house the night before. The next day they both heading to go see their dad and step mom . I received the horrible call Saturday evening from their dad that the girls we in an accident and Prescilla (21)didn’t make and was died on the scene and Audrey (19) was in critical condition being air flighted to a hospital in Houston.
I was in shock and disbelief. But dropped everything and heading to Houston hospital we’re one of my daughters was. I cried and prayed to God that both my girls would be saved but unfortunately only one was and barley. Audrey suffered many injuries. 2 broken legs, 3 broke ribs , broken collar bone , broken humorous bone and several internal injuries. Audrey was in the ICU for several months with several surgeries then physical therapy for a month.
The driver that hit my daughters car head on a 2 way highway was intoxicated with over 7 different toxins which included alcohol. He died on the scene with my first born daughter Prescilla.
We are coming up on Prescillas 2years of gone from earth and in heaven. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her or think of her. My daughter was taken too soon from us here ! But through all this I praise God every day he saved Audrey and that she has recovered and is still here with us every day!!
God has truly helped me and my family by giving us his strength and peace to endure this tragedy and grief that we will live with forever.

— Margret Sanchez