My Name Is…Roy C Martin Jr.

In memory of my beautiful son Roy, this week being his 38th birthday on April 21st and National Crime Prevention Week. Roy was a wonderful son, loyal and loving husband, and a very important daddy and granddaddy! He was a kid at heart always doing things with their three kids and most times with the neighbors also. He had a job that required him to travel the world which I’m so proud he got to do, and to think I worried about him in all his travels and he gets killed by a drunk driver two blocks from his home memorial day two years ago. He choose to find another job to be home more with family. Had just rebuilt their home after Hurricane Harvey destroyed most that area. His killer, who had previous arrests but years earlier was finally sentenced to ten years with a mandatory five. This man is sixty years old, no telling how many times he had previously driven stoned out of his head. He didn’t even realize he had hit a dirt bike that night my son took his last breath. I can’t help but think what was my son’s last thoughts, did he know he was dying, and his pain. His life has touched so many, he always helped anyone without expecting anything in return, he brought smiling faces to those who were sad, he had a short but very remarkable life. Whatever your age or celebration or depression.. excuse is to Drink please Don’t Drive. It could be your son or daughter, mother or father taking their last breath all alone on cold concrete.

— Molly Martin