My beautiful 17 year old daughter was taking from us way to soon. She would have been entering her senior year of high school. Ready to concur and explore the world. As much as I didn’t want to see her grow and take on this cruel word, I knew I had to.
She was killed at the crosswalk with her skateboard in hand. The neighborhood she grew up in, the crosswalk she has crossed many of times. This coward ran over my daughter left her to die in the middle of the street, because he decided to drive while under the influence. Thank God for witnesses that followed him until police apprehended him. This coward will only serve a maximum of 10 years for manslaughter. I am on a quest to change Arizona Law for stiffer penalties for hit n run drivers. Our hearts will forever be shattered, our family will forever be broken, we will never be whole again. Rest In Paradise #LALAGIRL. Momma & Bruddas ❤ you.
— Misty Martinez