My sons were just teenagers & had their whole lives ahead of them. They were very giving and kind hearted young men. Everyone loved them as well as we all did. They never hesitated to help a friend, family member, or even a stranger. My whole life was ripped apart when we lost Samie @ 19 & Eric @ 18 on separate occasions. They say time heals but that is not true! I still cry all the time and cannot hug, kiss, or even spend time with my children anymore. The pain is worst then anything I could have imagined. My heart is broken forever! Every year teenagers are being killed by drunk drivers who never care who they are hurting. There are so many other families who going through what we are. Whenever I hear or see someone getting behind a wheel who has even had one drink, I get mad at them & say do you realize that one drink could hurt someone or yourself. Please get a ride or call for help. My sons were my world, & I miss & love them every day. With All My Love, Mom, Dad, Adam, Camrin, Friends, & Family
— Catherine Mohamed