On December 26,2001 while walking to the home of my aunt Shane was struck and killed instantly by a drunk driver his body flew over 70 ft before it landed in a ditch in a field The driver was a my cousin who was on parole for murder during that time he left Shane alone to die in the cold dark and to this day he never admitted how long he laid there unaided before the decided to call the police to this day I have no idea long my son laid there Shane was 16 yrs 8 months and 20 days when he died old I remember reading this in his visitation book at the funeral home Shane was in the Army ROTC in high school and had hopes of joining the Marine Corps he was my first born pure a joy and was adored by his little sister and brother he never met a stranger he loved life and the love of so many family and friends and so many people who lived in our military community who still misses him 19 yrs later I fought very hard for justice for him which I never truly received the driver was never charged with speeding, leaving the scene ,or violating his probation the judge sentenced him to 5 yrs probation and suspension of his license and a 800 dollar fine which was a slap in the face he still drinks and drives to this day and I’m still emotionally disturbed and haunted by how the legal system in Ascension Parish treated me my family the all families affected by drunk drivers in this parish I went to MADD for help and they were feckless leaving me to fight it on my own because I had no idea they were intimidated by the parish in which Shane was killed nobody cared about what he meant to us which has added insult to injury I’m sorry to say but MADD has left a very bad taste in my mouth leaving me to believe he died in vain
— Donna Comeaux