It was almost 17 years ago, June 10, 2002 when a drunk driver stole my baby girl from us. Silina as just 17 years old. She had already received a full scholar ship to college. She loved people and animals. There was nobody or nothing that Silina would not help in any way they needed it. Silina was home schooled. Every day I would call her during my lunch hour to make sure she was alright and if she needed anything. At the end of our conversation I would say “I love you” and she would say “DIDO”. On the day of her death, I called her like normal, even though daddy was home with her. At the end of our conversation she said “I love you mommy” and I said “DIDO”, not knowing this was going to be the last words I ever got to day to my baby girl.
— Pam Kelshaw