In Honor of…Taylor Angelle McCowan

His name is Johnathan P.Jones. Once, a complete stranger to my daughter and the family. Now, we will FOREVER know him. January 31st, Taylor went to work. She got off and went to friends house who needed comfort and prayers and they reached out for GOD. Taylor left after Midnight and Johnathan P Jones, a U.S. Deputy Marshall in San Antonio, drove up the exit heading the wrong way and he turned his headlights on but by then he had hit Taylor head on,destroying her 2018 Nissan Sentra.
She died February 15th and was buried February 24th. Taylor has a twin sister, Ashley, and as of today, she is still not okay. He has been out on bond the entire time. Johnathan P Jones will finally have to show up in court in May and we will finally go to trial in August.
This has been a painful journey and now as a family,we are sensitive to all deaths related to drunk driving and drivers.
What will it take to make the laws favorable to the victims and their families?
I live in Missouri City, outside of Houston, and a police officer lost her life to a drunk driver while she was performing her duties as an officer.
Until more is done to those who decide to drink and drive, the senseless death of innocent people will continue.
I Love You Taylor Angelle “Our Angel” McCowan. Justice will be served, but nothing can bring you back home to us.
Your Momma, Your Purple Queen,
Raquel M Hatch

— Raquel Hatch