My 20 year old daughter Tory, who had been married 14 months, found out the first part of March 2006 that she was expecting. She had her first doctor appointment on March 27th. They done a sonogram and found that she is having two. YES, TWINS!! Due on November 1st, 2006. My first Grands!!
Twelve days later, on April 8, 2006 Tory and her husband Eric had spent the day at the Railroad festival and then went to her in-laws house.
They were on their way home from her in-laws, Tory driving, and they were hit head on by a 20 year old drunk, drugged and speeding driver.
Tory was killed instantly. the driver who hit them died on scene, Eric survived. He was flown to the local hospital , had surgery before daylight and had a long road to recovery.
I miss you with every breath Tory. I’m doing this dang thing though.
Save my mansion right next to yours!! I have a lot of make up time to put in with you and the babies once I get there!!!
— sherrel clark