Resources – 2020

MADD’s recently released Marijuana Survey Report on

Misconceptions about Marijuana Consumption and Driving

NHTSA State Alcohol-Impaired Driving Estimates for 2018


Early Estimates of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities for the First Quarter of 2020


Warriors’ Ascent – Providing hope and healing to Veterans and First Responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress

IACP Policy Framework for Improved Community-Police Engagement:

Colorado DOT poll on marijuana use :

MADD’s 2020 Court Monitoring Report was recently released and can be found at this link.  Of interest, nationally, the conviction rate is only 59% in the 15 states where MADD currently has court monitors.  The report also lists state by state reports.

COVID-19: Health and Safety for Law Enforcement Families

MADD’s 2019 Report to the Nation

MADD National Law Enforcement Impaired Driving Summit Final Report

In November of 2018, MADD hosted a National Law Enforcement Impaired Driving Summit.  Executive level law enforcement officers attended and discussed and identified barriers to strong impaired driving enforcement.  This link will take you to the final report for the Summit which identifies those barriers and offers solutions to improve enforcement.

IACP Traffic Safety Resource Guide

NHTSA Highlights Decline in Highway Crash Fatalities in the First Nine Months of 2019 

NHTSA Traffic Safety Outreach






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