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2017 Spring MADDvocate
Sunshine through the Storm – Share a Memory – Piece by Piece

2016 Fall MADDvocate
Rebuilding Lives – Share a Memory – Every Child Deserves a Designated Driver

2016 Summer MADDvocate
Finding Yourself After Loss – Share a Memory – Taking Care of the Caregiver

2015 Fall MADDvocate
Helping Survivors Survive | 35th Anniversary Edition

2014 Summer MADDvocate
Coping with Career-Changing Injuries | Walk Like MADD volunteers save lives and heal hearts | How one grandmother is working to protect children

2014 Fall MADDvocate
Being There | Victims helping victims | The truth behind BAC

2013 Winter MADDvocate
‘Tis The Season: Make the safe choice not to drink and drive this holday season. | MADD’s candlelight vigils help heal broken hearts | NFL player teams up with MADD to save lives

2013 Summer MADDvocate
Helping Those Who Help Others: Trauma extends beyond just those directly impacted by a drunk driving crash.

2012 Winter MADDvocate
25 years later, we remember the victims of the Kentucky bus crash | Sitting volleyball Paralympian Kari Miller shares her story | Power of You(th) teens make a difference.

2012 Spring MADDvocate
Reaching Out for Help: Erasing the stigma of seeking professional counseling | Report to the Nation | A Message from MADD’s New National President

2009 Winter MADDvocate
What to do when the death of a loved one paralyzes you | How to prep for surgery | Humor heals

2009 Summer MADDvocate
Drunk driving can cause the ultimate tragedy: parents outlive their children | The grass isn’t always greener on the other side | What you need to understand about the appeals process

2008 Winter MADDvocate
What happens when those who help others need help fighting compassion fatigue | MADD reaches out to help Native American victims/survivors of drunk driving | Are you considering organ donation? Learn the facts | How to help children who are grieving after the death of a sibling

2008 Spring MADDvocate
When the bonds of friendship are broken by tragedy | Survivors turn senseless deaths into something positive | Still healing 20 years after the nation’s most catastrophic drunk driving crash

2007 Spring MADDvocate
MADD works to protect the nation’s youngest passengers | The unexpected twists and turns of the anticipatory grief journey | When a loved one is killed or injured in a drunk driving crash, intense feelings of anger often accompany the grief

2006 Spring MADDvocate
Caregivers have a dual role: caring for a loved one and themselves | Understanding the trials involved in the courtroom experience | Finding the strength to cope with the death of a spouse

2006 Fall MADDvocate
Strategies for parenting children with a brain injury | How five families honor the memory of their loved ones during the holidays | Online support can provide a safety net for victims

2005 Winter MADDvocate
Erasing the stigma of professional counseling | Spreading the word with a new victim services campaign | Organ donation: Giving the gift of life | Recovering from a burn trauma requires physical, emotional and mental strength

2005 Summer MADDvocate
The art of recovery: How expressive therapies help victims heal | Navigating the insurance maze | Minimizing the trauma of your day in court

2004 Winter MADDvocate
The power of participating in the parole process of an offender | What you need to know to get back to work after an injury | The death of a child can test even the strongest marriage, but is divorce inevitable?

2004 Summer MADDvocate
Dealing with a crash that happens across state lines or in another country | The art and science of crash reconstruction | MADD leads the charge to monitor courts nationwide

2003 Winter MADDvocate
Putting together the details of a crash | Navigating the criminal justice system | A new tomorrow with the help of physical therapy | Helping kids understand death and cope with their grief

2003 Summer MADDvocate
Learn how speaking on a Victim Impact Panel can help you heal | How to cope with relationships that change after an injury | Dealing with grief during the holidays and other special remembrance days

2002 Winter MADDvocate
Trauma to Trauma | Creating a Victim Impact Booklet | Unique Grief of Step Parents | Caring for Memories | Multiple Losses: Unmourned Grief? | My Family’s Gift of Life

2001 Summer MADDvocate
Prosecutors as Partners | Drunk Driving as Murder: One Case Study | Building Bridges | In the Name of Love: Laws Named for Victims