On Sunday, November 13, 2013 at 8:00 in the morning my life was changed forever – I got a phone call from my son, and he was telling me that Casey was gone, and preceded to tell me what happened.  I hit the floor screaming, shaking and yelling NO over and over again!  I knew my son was alone, and all I wanted to do was to get to him, comfort him. Little did I know he would comfort me, and to this day is my comfort.  I knew Casey was out with some friends, and I trusted the fact that she would make good decisions, which I told her this every day of her life.  This night, she did not make a sensible decision – she decided with two of her girlfriends and two other friends (which are older than her) to go eat at the Waffle House – she didn’t know that it would be her last hour on this earth.  The older driver, while drunk decided to go straight through a road block, and of course there was a police chase, with the truck going over 100 mph, and then hit a tree head-on going about 60 mph.  Casey and the two boys in the front died instantly.  I do not know the extent of my daughter’s injuries, and do not want to know.  I do know she was not ready to leave this world – she had too much going for her – school, work, college – and now we will never know what she would have become, someone famous I’m sure.

I miss being a mother to Casey, all the plans we had and now all I have is memories which I will cherish forever.  Her friends, family and I share those memories via her Facebook page, Memories for Casey Dell Edens.

Kim Edens (Casey’s Mom)

Since the crash, Kim Edens has become a speaker sharing her story and the life of her daughter Casey. In 2016, she walked for the first time in North Carolina’s Walk Like MADD in honor of Casey. She continues to do whatever she can to support MADD’s mission work and to help prevent this outcome from happening to someone you know or love.