Annie Crawford has been one of MADD North Carolina’s most dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to educate today’s youth about the dangers of underage drinking through the Power of Youth (POY) program. By operating in the capacity of a Power of Youth Facilitator and through educating tomorrow’s drivers, she is striving every day to fulfill MADD’s vision of having a nation without drunk driving. She began volunteering with MADD when her husband became a part of the Raleigh Police Department’s Enforcement Unit. She saw a need in the community to educate youth about drinking and driving. She stepped forward to do her part in trying to help stop unnecessary tragedy.

Any parent will acknowledge that working with teenagers is not always the easiest task and that they can sometimes be hard to connect with, but that does not stop Annie from trying to make the connection every time she stands in front of a class. She has stated “If I am able to reach one kid I feel like I have made an impact.” That is exactly what Annie has been able to do, make an impact. Being a POY facilitator for more than a year, she has been able to touch hundreds of lives. Not only is she working with schools, but she has found a way to bring MADD’s mission to the Girl Scout Community. Irene Dwinnell, State Executive Director, has stated “her willingness to bring MADD’s Power of Youth and Power of Parents to the Girl Scout Community is nothing short of amazing.” It is this passion and drive to make an impact that makes Annie one of our shining stars.  Thank you Annie for all that you have done and continue to do.

Fun Fact:She enjoys reading and spending time with my Family.