If there were two words that would best describe Ellen Pitt, the words “Unstoppable Force” comes to mind. Ellen Pitt has been a MADD North Carolina volunteer for over 15 years as a Chapter Leader, Crime Victim Advocate, and Court Observer. She came to MADD to primarily rescue endangered children. Ellen has stated “MADD helped me to rescue a child in my family and I never wanted anyone else to go through what I did before I called them.” She continues to break grounds across her region in the area of child endangerment and impaired driving. Ellen has challenged our laws, pushed legislation, and supported mission partners in their efforts to increase enforcement. It is with her fierce personality and big heart that she continues to shift the tide in awareness and action. She truly wants to create a world with no more victims. For her there is no higher calling then serving others. She acknowledges that she has “met some of the most wonderful people, under the worst of circumstances.” With every breath and every action taken she aims to make a difference in their lives and those that she will never meet. She truly is MADD North Carolina’s “Unstoppable Force.” She notes fellow chapter leaders such as Ollie Jeffers as supporting her over the years. According to Ellen, Ollie Jeffers has “Lifted me up on dark hours, taught me, trained me, listened to me, and sometimes helped me find humor in all the sadness and frustrations.” It is with this type of support from fellow volunteers and from her community that Ellen continues to make waves. If you want to get stuff done, Ellen Pitt’s name will be one of the first on the list to call. Law enforcement near and far know of her support for them and love working with her.  She just makes things happen and really cares about this great mission work. Lori Brown, State Program Specialist, has stated “I wish I could clone Ellen and put one of her in every county in North Carolina. She basically does everything!” Thank you Ellen for your continued passion for DWI awareness, enforcement, and victim services.

Fun Fact: She has long, intense conversations with her dog and plays concerts for her on the piano!