Words cannot begin to express the gratitude MADD North Carolina has for Ollie Chandler Jeffers. She joined MADD North Carolina in 1998 and has never looked back. For 20 years, Ollie Jeffers has dedicated her life towards making a difference in the field of impaired driving enforcement, underage drinking prevention, and victim advocacy. She has filled the roles of Chapter Leader, Victim Advocate, Victim Impact Panel Facilitator and Court Monitor over the years, to help make a difference in her community. She has served Durham, Person, and Caswell County faithfully and will do everything within her power to support local law enforcement, district attorneys, and victim survivors of impaired driving crashes. She just does not stop and she does not quit. When asked why she continues to volunteer in these roles she stated  “I continue to volunteer because I believe in MADD’s mission to end impaired driving, support victims and  prevent underage drinking. Also, to support Law Enforcement Officers.” She has developed strong partnerships with Law Enforcement agencies and within the community. For many people Ollie is the face of MADD North Carolina. That shows the amount of dedication she has shown towards MADD’s mission work. She supports checking stations, community awareness events, and much much more in the field of DWI awareness and enforcement. She can often be found sitting in court holding the hand of those impacted by impaired driving or speaking out to the media on their behalf. She works hand and hand with local assistant district attorneys, law enforcement, and advocates to do all that is within her ability to ensure those impacted by impaired driving never have to go through this alone. She simply has a heart for service. MADD North Carolina staff  acknowledges the impact Ollie has made over the years, as her contributions are irreplaceable. Lori Brown, MADD State Program Specialist, has stated that “Ollie continues to make a difference and she causes a rippling effect of positive change wherever she goes.” Thank you Ollie for your dedication to MADD North Carolina.

Fun Fact: She has been married 41 years and can’t cook!