Written by Emma Leigh Mendenhall about her grandfather, Gordon Ward. He was killed by a drunk driver, September 5th, 2016, in Beaufort County while on his way to work.

You are my sun

You are the one who guides me with your light

You lead my way when I am lost

I know you are watching over us right now, you always are

For you are an angel

A guardian angel

My guardian angel

All of our guardian angel

Always protecting us

Protecting us from danger

Though we cannot see you

We know you can see us

We only wish we could see you in our dreams

From night till day

To see you once again

To have your sweet melodies

Melodies ringing in our ears

Your voice

Your keyboard

Your music running through us making us happy to know you are there standing side by side, hand in hand with us

Gordon McQuinn Ward

You were a peacemaker

Sent from Heaven by God to make sure your family is safe

To bring happiness to all the people you meet

Now you have joined our father in the sky once again

To be an angel

To be THE angel

To be

The Guardian Angel