Jim CampJim Camp is recognized nationally for his expertise in law-enforcement training, trial advocacy, traffic safety, medical-legal issues and motivational speaking. Jim has over sixteen years experience as an elected District Attorney, nine years as a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor with the Tennessee District Attorney General’s Conference and eight years as a civil litigator. But unlike most speakers in the field, Jim also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. This makes him uniquely qualified as a speaker and trainer of professionals. 
Jim possesses practical experience as both a litigator and leader, has the eye of a writer, the gifts of a storyteller, a profound sense of humanity and the heart of a teacher. He is well known for relevant, substantive, useful, entertaining, passionate and dynamic messages to audiences of all backgrounds.  While engaged in civil litigation Jim was one of the youngest members of the prestigious Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers. While in Tennessee he has been recognized with numerous awards for his skill as a speaker and trainer of law-enforcement officers and prosecutors. He has been an author on training, traffic safety and trial advocacy and was a long time faculty member for trial advocacy courses at the National District Attorneys Association’s National Advocacy Center on the USC campus.
As a member of the Tenth Legion, Jim is an avid pursuer of the elusive wild turkey, the whitetail deer and North American waterfowl. He is a lifelong drummer, enthusiastic guitar picker, father of two and is the world’s greatest grandpa to his three grandchildren.
Source:  www.dynamicmessages.net