Marijuana and Driving

As the number of states allowing some form of legalized marijuana has increased, recently, there have been multiple media sources nationwide covering a variety of stories citing studies and/or trends which give way to concerns over how the drug may be impairing drivers.  Because of the volume of the number of stories we’ve seen, rather than share them one-by-one, we have gathered them here for you in a list format so that you can review them for yourself.

April 23, 2019: Half Of Marijuana Users In The US Think They’re Fine To Drive Stoned

April 25, 2019: Many drivers who test positive for marijuana have a child in the car, survey finds

April 26, 2019: Calif. company offers answers to impaired driving with marijuana breathalyzer

April 30, 2019: National advertising nonprofit behind Smokey Bear launches marijuana-impaired driving campaign

May 1, 2019: Survey finds more people driving high on marijuana

May 4, 2019: ‘Drive high? Get a DUI” campaign sees 737 arrested in 5 different states, including Missouri

May 6, 2019: She lost her daughter to a marijuana-impaired driver. A new campaign is tackling the problem

May 6, 2019: Some marijuana users think it’s OK to drive high. That worries police.

May 6, 2019: Father pushes for tougher drugged driving penalties after wife’s death

May 9, 2019: Riding High: How big a problem is marijuana-impaired driving in Florida?

May 9, 2019: Medical marijuana legalization brings questions about how Missouri will deal with impaired drivers

May 31, 2019: Three years into legal cannabis and California still doesn’t have a reliable test for driving while high