You can create a Facebook Fundraiser right from your own Walk Like MADD page and it will automatically link all donations to your Walk page, ensuring your donors get credit for supporting your Walk Like MADD team!  Follow the directions in the graphic below to properly set-up your Facebook Fundraiser so that it will link to your Walk page in Donor Drive.  (Donor Drive is the cloud-based software used to create and manage your Walk page.)

Important Note:  If you go straight to Facebook to create a Facebook Fundraiser, it will NOT link those donations to your Walk page.  In fact, when creating a Facebook Fundraiser directly in Facebook, MADD Tennessee is not even notified that you have created the Facebook Fundraiser to support MADD, unless you tell us that you have.

Facebook Fundraisers FAQ

If you have any questions or problems in setting up your Facebook Fundraiser through your Walk Like MADD page, contact us at