Five Amazing Things You’re Doing When You Support MADD VA

  1. Providing Victim Support for Victims/Survivors in Virginia:
    • Emotional support and guidance
    • Court accompaniment when available
    • Assistance with writing a Victim Impact Statement
    • Listings of local counselors, support groups and attorneys
    • Informational materials on a variety of victim issues
    • Help navigating the criminal and civil justice systems
    • Information and advocacy for coping with the complex legal, medical and financial consequences of a crash
    • Connections with other victims/survivors
  2. Candlelight Vigils across the state at which they can honor victims/survivors
    • Supporting MADD Law Enforcement Awards which recognize law enforcement officers across the state for their impaired driving enforcement and education activities.
  3. Helping MADD volunteers and staff make educational presentations on impaired driving and underage drinking prevention in communities across Virginia. You are also helping to provide the educational materials that are distributed at these events.
  4. You are helping to provide a monthly MADD VA e-newsletter to 11,000 people, with information on impaired driving crashes and news events around the state, legislative updates, recent happenings and upcoming events and opportunities.
  5. Through your support of a participant in Walk Like MADD- Richmond or Sterling, you are supporting someone who cares deeply about impaired driving in our community- victims, survivors, family members, law enforcement AND supporting MADDs mission in Virginia.