We are extremely sad to report that MADD was forced to restructure nationally due to the financial impact of COVID 19. With this came difficult decisions, and unfortunately, the MADD VA Program Director position was one of those eliminated. Chris Konschak served MADD VA in that position for almost 17 years. In that time he headed a 6 year effort to draft and pass mandatory ignition interlock legislation in Virginia. Chris was also was responsible for guiding the development of the extremely successful victim stories based media campaign on TV, radio and Facebook for the last few years. Those are just 2 highlights. Anyone who has had contact with MADD VA knows and loves Chris. He was the face of MADD VA in the media and as the Director of our small office he was involved in every aspect of volunteer relations, education and outreach programming, law enforcement appreciation events, victim vigils and WALKS. He will be so greatly missed.

MADD VA will now be under the extremely capable supervision of Meghan Carter. Meghan, whose twin brother was killed in an impaired driving crash, has been with MADD for 12 years in August. She has experience in all aspects of managing MADD state offices, having served as Affiliate Executive Director and State Executive Director of MADD Missouri before becoming a Director of Field Operations. With the addition of Virginia, she now oversees 9 states in the field.