We, the partners, attorneys, and staff at Bachus & Schanker, are in awe of the work Mothers Against Drunk Driving does every single day in their efforts to stop drunk driving and to make sure the victims of drunk driving crashes are supported, helped, and acknowledged.  We are proud to be MADD Colorado’s Statewide Sponsor and to know that our financial contributions have helped MADD to provide in excess of 6000 hours of support to victims of drunk driving crashes.  We are honored to work with the amazing and passionate group that comprises the MADD Colorado and MADD National teams.  Lastly, we LOVE to Walk Like MADD, in Denver, in Colorado Springs, and in Northern Colorado.

Why do we walk?  We walk for many reasons…

We walk to remember and support the victims of drunk driving crashes.  We walk to share MADD’s message that drunk driving is a 100% preventable crime.  We walk so that those who might not otherwise have a voice, have a voice.  We walk because drunk driving has life-altering and irrevocable consequences.  We walk to help those people we can help.  We walk because we want to make our nation’s roadways safer for everyone.  We walk to honor our law enforcement officers and applaud their hard work.  We walk because we want to be agents of change.

You can sign up and donate to the Denver Walk Like MADD here.